If you own a laptop, you won’t be satisfied with the quality of the videos and with the versatility it provides when you need high-quality videos. That’s why we opt to buy webcams. But what really are the features we should look for?



The most basic feature that you need is the quality of the videos. From vlogs to youtube videos, it should be in high definition(HD) starting from 720p to 1080p. You would also need an HD-capable monitor in order to enjoy making the most out of the video. You can also find 4k webcams now on online shops like lazada and zalora, but it comes with a high price, and you would need a 4k monitor in order to witness true high definition.

Frame Rate

For smoothest video possible, it should have a 60 frame rate per second(FPS). It’s better to ask or check online reviews before buying. Some online reviewers provide promo codes for the products they want to promote. Since its common in a webcam to have 30 fps, anything less than 30 fps, may result in juddering images.


Webcam microphones have been upgraded in recent years. Some have a built-in mic on the webcam, and some have dual microphones or omnidirectional mics that can record audio in any direction. This depends on the video that you are making, for most video live cam chat such as Skype, a built-in microphone should be adequate. For higher audio quality, you could shop online for an external microphone.


The ideal type of lens to use depends on the type of video you will be doing. Webcams usually come with plastics lens, it is enough for personal use or personal edarling webcam streaming for your blog. But for professional video production, you should use a glass lens.



Some webcams allow this feature to be turned on and off. It works automatically by focusing on the subject, while the subject moves around, allowing a better quality of image or videos. Auto-focus can also be used to create effects and may add drama to your videos. Photographers should know how auto-focus can enhance the outcome of their photos. It is no different with a webcam.

6 thoughts on “Webcam Features to Look For

  1. Cool. Thanks, bro. I almost bought an old model, but I saw this. Because of this, I didn’t make the mistake of buying the older model simply because it’s cheaper.

    1. Agree! Old models are sold cheaper compared to their newly faced in models because they wanted to get rid of them soonest time possible. However, the quality of images really are way way far when compared side by side – choose the latest version 🙂

  2. Planning to upgrade my equipment. My default cam on my laptop doesn’t give me crisp, clear videos. Thanks for this.

  3. Most webcams don’t have the features of a professional camera. The latter is more heavy-duty and can be used for longer.

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